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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Green!

I have another flimsie for the pile.  This is Go Green (also known as the Packers top since it's green and yellow)!  The pattern is Fire Escape.  At first when I started piecing it together, I thought it was all going to blend together, but I really like how it turned out.  This may be a Christmas gift for one of our friends....first, I need to find out how he feels about the color green.  I can definitely see doing this pattern again in blue and red and purple and, well, you get the idea.  Next time I will mix up the lights and darks differently.  This time I did all lights as the "top" of the pair and darks on the bottom.

I ironed the fabric in the Eagle kit which I'm making for our neighbors.  Before I can start working on it I have to cut my scraps from Go Green down to usable squares or strips to go in the stash bins.  This is one of my goals for next year is to cut it after each project so it doesn't accumulate in a bin.  That way maybe it won't seem so overwhelming to do.

I've also made progress on my Redwoods shawl.  I had to unravel it back to my lifeline which was unfortunately back to the beginning of the design portion.  I have 7 rows of the design done and this time I am putting lifelines in every 5 or so rows.  I also wound the dark blue sock yarn from Jill that I'll be using for Judy's sock knit-along in November.  I'm hoping to have the shawl done (or very close to) by Oct. 30 so I can practice casting on two socks at a time before the knit-along actually starts.


Pat said...

looks good! I have this pattern, too!

jillquilts said...

I wonder if I should pull out my blue to knit along, too....

Quilt looks great!!! :)

orchidlover said...

I like that pattern. It would look great in reds and purples or even yellows going through orange to red.
Love and hugs Gina xxx