My Knitting List

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To Do List - Week 10/4 Midweek

 Some progress has been made this week.
  • Pray that hubby's work situation works out - Friday afternoon is the deadline 
  • Continue sewing rows together for "green" project - Go Green is a flimsie
  • Cut leftover fabric from Go Green into usable scrap squares/strips
  • Start cutting the Eagle quilt.
  • Fix Redwood shawl (ripped back to the lifeline and get to re-start the design) - knit 8 rows and put in a lifeline, knit another 3-1/2 more rows and needed to tink back to the lifeline.  I'm losing patience with this project. 
  • Wound yarn for the November sock knit-along
  • Blog about trip to California
  • Blog about September accomplishments
  • Haircut on Tuesday
  • Get knots out behind Sonny's ears
  • Take dogs for shots on Saturday
  • Vacuum car
  • Clean up garage
  • Continue organizing family tree data - updating the obituary list
  • Scan family tree data - half of the data is scanned


jillquilts said...

You are doing good!!! I have to adjust my 'list' for the rest of the week... More details later! lol

Lori said...

I love the green fire escape quilt. Green is always good. Ruby the quilting dog is shedding in clumps, big fat clumps. I have brushed and brushed and there seems to be no end! She has a rough coat instead of a silky. sigh more brushing.