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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UFO Challenge

Judy over at Patchwork Times is hostessing a UFO challenge for 2011.  Since I've got so many flimsies and PhDs ("Projects Half Done" as I'd prefer to call them, sounds much more dignified), I've decided to take the challenge.  Hopefully it'll get my rear in gear and get some of these outstanding projects done! 

Each month Judy will choose a number and we'll work on our project that corresponds with that number.  I'm going one step further and also making a list of PIGS ("Projects in Grocery Sacks") which are listed under my "Waiting List" tab.  This way if I finish something from the PhD list, I will have another project to work on.

PhDs (UFOs)
  1. Delightful - sew down applique; embroidery
  2. Cobblestone Lane BOM - finish blocks
  3. Claire handbag - finish 2nd handle and finish piecing
  4. Washington Medallion BOM - finish blocks
  5. Memorial Day QOV - quilt & bind
  6. Fireworks in Prairie Park - finish applique and setting
  7. Grape Jam - quilt & bind
  8. Golden Memories BOM - finish log cabin blocks
  9. A Haunting We Will Go - quilt & bind
  10. Infinity Star - finish blocks & sashing
  11. Deck the Halls - quilt & bind
  12. Go Green - quilt & bind
 PIGs (Projects in Grocery Sacks....or rubbermaid containers)
  1. Boxy Stars
  2. Sweet Escape
  3. Timberline Cabin
  4. Salute
  5. Indian Peaks
  6. Canterbury Crossing
  7. American Homestead
  8. Gobble Gobble
  9. Portobello Market
  10. Tea w/Martha & Betsey
  11. Havenly Stars
  12. Winter White
*Edited PhD #3 since I will have (hopefully) completed the Eagle top before Jan. 1.


Suzanne said...

Great lists! I've never heard of "PIG's" before...I have a couple of those too! I also like you Ten on Tuesday list. Did you make that up yourself or is it from another website?

jillquilts said...

Those are some big lists.... :-D

Anni said...

Re the coupon code. I'm sorry it didn't work. Please e-mail me on if you still wish to purchase a pattern and I'll e-mail you a new code.

Jo said...

WOW...what a list.
I hope you get time to squeeze a new project in too. I would hate to sew without a new project in sight.

Kathie said...

Didn't think to list any PIGS but I wanted to keep it to just 12.

SpinningStar said...

Good lists - I still have to finish my inventory and select my 12 to do.

This should be a fun year!


ANudge said...

Ph'ds - I like that! Look forward to seeing your completed quilts - they sound wonderful.

Ray said...

I think your blog is wonderful (and may "steal" some ideas). I still need to get may blog started again and my projects picked. You've got some great stuff to work on!!

Dionne said...

Great list! I just joined the challenge and although I may have over committed myself I'll do what I can!

Jennifer said...

I really like the idea of having a list of PIGs to work on too - too often my problem after working on UFOs is that I am itching to work on something new...I might have to steal your idea to get some of my PIGs in progress too!