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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1st Quilty Finish of the Year

It's a small finish, but it's the first quilty finish of the year.  I found a tutorial online the other day and thought it would be a great bag for my knitting projects.  I made the measurements different (16 x 15-3/4) to use a piece of scrap fabric and since I had a longer zipper.  Since I hadn't done anything for Judy's monochromatic challenge, I chose two yellow fabrics.  It turned out a little wonky (the zipper isn't centered and the corners are funky) but it IS usable.


Inside fabric looks like knit stitches - how appropriate!

It's first contents - fits perfectly.

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jillquilts said...

Way to go!! I keep thinking that I need to just make a bag for my knitting, too... lol