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Friday, January 28, 2011

To-Do List - Week of 1/24 Progress

  • Finish knitting Winter Wonder cowl.  DONE!
  • Work on finishing sleeve #1 on Flint. - The sleeve pattern is goofed up so ripped it back to where I split for the body and worked on making/attaching the i-cord instead.
  • Tonight return Dragonfly in Amber to library, although I still have 250 pages to go. - Went to the library and was able to renew it for the second it went back home with me.
  • Finish last two Canterbury Crossing blocks (January PIG challenge project) DONE!
  • Work on flying geese for Fireworks in Prairie Park (January UFO challenge project) - Cut out one of the scrolly thing applique pieces.
  • Pick up zipper for boxy bag (monochromatic challenge) DONE!
  • Work on boxy bag (monochromatic challenge) DONE!
  • Get on the treadmill 3 times - I've been on once.  :0(
  • Clean out lazy susan shelves - Nope.
  • Saturday go to continental/colorwork knitting class!!!

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jillquilts said...

You still make great progress! :)