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Sunday, January 30, 2011

FO #4 - Sweetheart Hat

Yesterday I took a beginning fair isle class to learn how to knit with two colors in one project (for us, a hat).  It was an extremely quick knit, especially after the trap and wrap method finally clicked!

I had some tension issues at our class.  My hands were a little sweaty from being nervous, so I had problems knitting really tight so a couple of my first colorwork rows don't POP like they should.  Once I got home, my stitches got looser.  I have plenty of yarn left so I'll make a second one at some point.

Pattern:  Beginning Fair Isle Sweetheart Hat by Krafty1 Designs
Needles:  Size 8
Yarn:  Plymouth Encore Worsted - Colors 194 (Light Grey) and 598 (Dark Teal)


jillquilts said...

That looks fantastic!!! And a 1 day project to boot. AWESOME!!

Lori said...

I read your blog and hop from link to link to picture. I chuckle when I look at your "self portraits!" of sweaters and hats!