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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fitness Friday - 7/15

I got a lot of walking and workouts in this past week.  On Saturday I did a 2-mile run/walk and finished in 24:33 which I was very happy with.  Ended up jogging quite a bit the last mile. 

Now I'm "training" for a 4-mile run/walk that's in a month.  I've been trying to jog for a count of 25, then walk for a count of 50 and then repeat.  Eventually I hope to jog longer, but it'll take time.

So for the 100-mile challenge, I've logged 24 miles in the first two weeks! 

For my "virtual walk" here is my progress:

~ Miles Walked in 2011: 135.19 miles
~ Miles Left to My "Virtual" Destination: 147.55 miles


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Whoo-hooo Amy! Great numbers!!!! Motivation is always a joy to find; looks like you're rocking along :0)

Glenda in Florida said...

I just wanted to day that I missed your blog the past several months. I'm glad that you are back. I'm a quilter who has gotten back into jogging the past couple of years. Your post inspired me, and today I did two miles on the treadmill. I'm hoping the surgeon who put my broken ankle back together three months ago will be as impressed with that as I was, and release me at tomorrow's appointment. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I think we could be great slogging buddies (slog is the contraction of slow+jog)--my pace is 12 minute miles, and my regular race/pace buddy here is 82 years old. I got to where I could keep up with him except for his "stage coach finish" and then he leaves me in the dust!

Alycia said...

good for you!! Looks like you are moving quick too!