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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fitness Friday - 9/23

Well it's been a while since I blogged about Fitness Friday.  I keep forgetting until Saturday and Fitness Saturday just doesn't sound as nice.  A couple weeks ago I met my pledge of 100 miles for the 100-mile Challenge!  I had a reward in mind, but I didn't post it in case I couldn't meet my pledge.  My reward was a new laptop.  I actually got it 2 weeks before I met 100 but that's only because I didn't think my old laptop would make it until I reached 100.  The new laptop is nothing fancy, just something for me to use for surfing and keeping track of my sewing, knitting and exercising time.  Next week is the last week of the challenge and I'm currently at 117 miles.  Before we started the challenge I had a personal goal of 125, so I have 8 miles to go. 

And to show you that all this slogging (slow jogging) is all worth it, three years ago my blood sugar and cholesterol numbers were high and I was tagged as "pre-diabetic".  My numbers have steadily been going down since I've started exercising, reduced my food portions, and eat healthier.  Today I had my annual physical and all my numbers were normal!!!  It just goes to show that with a little work, you can lower your "bad" numbers!  You CAN do it!

For my "virtual walk" here is my progress....over halfway there!:

~ Miles Walked in 2011: 218.97 miles
~ Miles Left to My "Virtual" Destination: 74.59 miles


Pat said...

That's awesome Amy! and inspiring!
I go to the dr at the end of october and we always have the same discussion~'you ought to lose weight' grrhhhh. Since I am reaching the magic 50~she will probably add 'schedule a colonoscopy' :(

Glenda in Florida said...

I'm a slogger too, and am very impressed with your health improvements. Right now I'm training for a 5 mile race next month. I "thought" it was a 5K, like all of my races last year--nope, this one is in miles!

jillquilts said...

Way to go, Amy!! Quite an accomplishment!

Alycia said...

I love it - slogging!! My friend calls him wogging, as he walk/jogs... great names. YOu can do it!!!

Lori said...