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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Knit the Queue 2013 - Project #1

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Hope the first day of the year has been a good one.

One of my knitting goals for the new year is to knit projects from my Ravelry queue.  I currently have 170 projects in my queue of which about two-thirds have yarn bought specifically for one of these projects.  This will be a great way to reduce some of my yarn stash too!

I have no fantasies that I'll knit them all this year, as many items in my queue are sweaters.  I know there will be some new patterns that will be published during the year that I'll have to knit.  I'd be happy to knit 10 projects from the queue.

So to start off the year, I cast on a hat that has been in my queue since last February!  I've got a nice start on it.  The colorway is Pop Rocks, a hot pink.  I'm planning on wearing it when I go slogging outside.

Tomorrow it's back to work.  I'm not quite ready to go back, but guess it had to happen eventually.  


Nic said...

Good start.
I had to go back on the 2nd and had the same thoughts as you. All I can say is, I'm glad it's friday today :)

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Love the color! Great job on what you have done so far! And Knitting from the Queue is a brilliant idea!