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Friday, January 4, 2013

On the Needles - 1/4/13

As I posted the other day, I am trying to knit projects in my Ravelry queue this year.  On Jan. 1, I cast on my first queue project, the Christian's hat pattern.  Sorry, I didn't have time to take a current picture so this is my initial progress photo from my previous post.  I have "tried it on" and need to knit a couple more repeats before I can start on the crown shaping.  Hopefully I can start decreasing on Saturday while watching the Packer's game.  (Is it too much to ask for everything to "click" for the Packers on Saturday?!?!)

Confession time....I placed an order from Eat.Sleep.Knit on the 1st also.  In my defense my cousin asked me to make her a cowl so I had to order the yarn.  She wants it knit in navy blue yarn.  I don't have a lot of dark colored yarn (or clothes for that matter) since we have two white, very furry dogs -- one that sheds continuously.  Of course, I couldn't just get one skein, I needed to get free shipping too (and start adding to the yarnathon miles), so I bought a couple other skeins -- all of which are for specific projects.

If it's not bad enough that Eat.Sleep.Knit has their yarnathon, now The Loopy Ewe has adopted a similar rewards program.  So far I've stayed strong and not ordered anything, but I'm also waiting to find out what their 1st Quarter challenge will be.  Then I may be doomed.


Maggie said...

Very pretty hat!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

You are bad!! Off the goal already! bwahahaha!