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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

To Do List - Week of 4/21 Update

Some progress is being made now that my cold is going away.  Although I think I added more items than I crossed off.  :0(  

  1. Block Creedence shawl
  2. Photo Creedence and update Ravelry project page
  3. Vacuum
  4. Blow out dogs and cut nails
  5. Pick up in dog kennel (weather permitting) - started
  6. Mail quilts to Judy for West, TX - ship out on Thursday
  7. Make backing for Recipe for Friendship flimsie (UFO list)
  8. Load Recipe for Friendship on frame (UFO list)
  9. Quilt Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  10. Make binding for Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  11. Bind Recipe for Friendship (UFO list)
  12. Wash kitchen floor (when rain is over)
  13. Finish Ampersand sock #2 for Judy's pooling sock challenge (should finish tonight)
  14. Cast on Fjord hat (after Ampersand sock#2 complete and after MadMay shawl; qualifies for MadMay if cast on May 1)
  15. Photo newly acquired yarn for Ravelry
  16. Burn CD of pictures from baby shower - Wednesday
  17. Prep fabric for Washington Medallion HSTs (UFO list)
  18. Paper-piece HSTs for Washington Medallion (last 4 blocks - Month 11) (UFO list)
  19. Piece last 4 blocks for Washington Medallion (UFO list)
  20. Cut setting triangles for Washington Medallion (UFO list)
  21. Piece setting triangle rows for Washington Medallion (UFO list)
  22. Cast on Cabernet shawl for Mad May (starts May 1)
  23. Re-do button-band on Charleston Tea 
  24. Go through boxes under quilt frame
  25. Declutter in bedroom closet

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Regina said...

Looks like progress to me!!!