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Friday, September 6, 2013

Knitting Report - Week Ending 9/6/13

Having to confessreport when new yarn arrives seems to be helping curb my buying.  It's been 19 days since I bought yarn!!!  Some people may say that's no big deal, but it is a huge accomplishment for me.  There were a couple temptations too - the Wollmeise shop opened back up from their month vacation and Hazel Knits posted a gorgeous purple yarn for their September Color of the Month. 

I don't have anything to report for yarn used.   I also did not buy any patterns, but here are a couple patterns I liked:

This white wolf (Ravelry link) is just too darn cute.  It makes me think of my fur babies. I haven't knit any animals, but this one is pretty tempting.

Tramontane is a cute coat, but there is a problem. The pattern is in French. :0(

Used this Week: 0 skein
Used since August: 5 skein

Added this Week: 0 skeins
Added since August: 51 skeins

Net Used since August: -46 skeins

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Regina said...

Google translate??? And I love the pup!!