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Sunday, December 22, 2013

To Do List - Week of 12/22/13

This Week
  1. Seam Gelsomina together - started
  2. Buy remaining Christmas gifts
  3. Finish the buttonband on Charleston Tea
  4. Swatch for Dianthe cardigan
  5. Type up recipe for dip and red velvet cookies
  6. Sort through and post testing pictures from 12/14
  7. Organize knitting patterns
  8. Vet appt
  9. Wrap Christmas presents - half done
  10. Print/Mail Christmas cards
Coming Weeks
  1. Finish sewing on the last rows to Washington Medallion
  2. Paint living room
  3. Cast on Dianthe (January)
  4. Cast on Just Thumbkin mittens (ravelry link)

1 comment:

Regina said...

ambitious! I have no list at this point.... I need one