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Friday, January 24, 2014

On the Needles - 1/24/2014

On Wednesday I cast on for the Dianthe cardigan. So far it doesn't look like much. I knit the hem and the first four rows of the chart. (The picture is just of the hem.) I think I'm going to write out the chart though because currently the charts are on three separate pages (left front, back, and right front). I'm constantly flipping back and forth and it's taking too much time. 

The pattern calls for 2 inches of hem but I don't like how that looks so I only did 1.25 inches. Since this is bottom up, I'm a little concerned that it may not be long enough. I'm short though and usually have to shorten patterns. Hopefully it will turn out alright, otherwise I'll just add to the hem later.

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Teresa in Music City said...

That is going to be beautiful Amy!!! I love the cable design in that pattern :)