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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quiltathon Day 2 & Pets

Apple Cider Medallion BOM Block #3 is done.

The blocks and patterns are all being stored in my new project holder. I have a couple of clear plastic containers like this, but noticed that Joann Fabrics has them in all different colors. I plan on getting a couple of the other colors but only when I can use my 40% coupon since they're a little expensive (IMHO) at regular price. My 12.5" unfinished blocks fit great in here.

It's been a while since I posted pictures of the geese/duck and goats, so I figured I'd take a couple. Here are the three geese and duck sunning themselves. I'm a little concerned about their safety now. Our neighbors told hubby yesterday they've spotted a coyote wandering around their backyard lately. Also a couple of guys (who were tracking and hunting coyotes and fox on our property) told us there are a bunch of coyotes in the area. We've heard them a couple of times but never have seen them. I sure hope they stay away from our pets.

Here's Roxie and Buddy. I didn't notice when we put the panels up that this sign was on it.

Here is one of the Christmas trees that they've been snacking on. They striped it bare! Goats like the needles, which provide them essential vitamins, on the trees. Although a pregnant goat should not eat the needles. We're alright though since Buddy is "fixed". Also note they like your shrubs and regular evergreens (see previous picture where they've been snacking on the live trees high as they can reach). So if there something you don't want eaten.....either put a fence around it, keep the goats in a pen or don't get goats.

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Anonymous said...

I love your block. Those colors are just yummy. I use those to hold my crazy quilt blocks for a big project. I, too, think they are expensive, but I've gotten two of them at a quilt shop for less!