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Friday, March 27, 2009

Patchwork Party

I've finished two more Patchwork Party blocks. The first one is Engagement Party and the second is Champagne Toast. I started cutting pieces for the next block. I have one more block ordered that hasn't arrived yet. Then the rest will be ordered in April.

I missed the deadline for Judy's Quilt-Along so I didn't receive the last instructions, so I just put a wider outer border on it. The fabric is purple with specks of black and teal in it. I think I should have made the last border a little wider but it's on now and that's how it's staying.

I vacuumed the living room and the's shedding time! I also dusted and picked up in the sewing room. The books are now all back in the bookcase and fabric from Dogs in the Doghouse are put away.
I managed to catch the injured goose (see my previous post) and the couple spots where there was blood is starting to heal. Otherwise she seems alright, just shaken up. Before yesterday, she was always very vocal if we stuck our head out the patio door or went outside by them. I am more aware around her because she would sometimes hiss at me. The other geese are very friendly. She was always pretty bold, teasing the dogs when she was on the other side of the fence too, so I can't necessarily blame the dogs for going after her when she went in their kennel. As long as she stays out of their domain, she'll be fine.


Jen said...

I like your patchwork party blocks...but what I'm blown away by is your quiltalong quilt! Those colors are just awesome for it!! Great job

Penny said...

Your blocks are great and I LOVE the way the bear paws turned out. You picked just the right colors.

I need to take a brush to Evelyn - I can feel the undercoat starting to give.

Yvette said...

Those Patchwork Party blocks are just beautiful. I look forward to seeing the project completed.

Your quilt along fabrics are great! One of the best I have seen so far.

Sue H said...

I really like your blocks, but I LOVE your Quilt Along Bears. Absolutely stunning, and I bet it's even better in person!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

your bear paw quilt turned out nicely. lovely job!

Suzanne said...

Really like your that we all used such different colors and came out with such beautiful quilts.

Anonymous said...

Your Bear Paws are gorgeous, I love the wonderful colour combination! Dianne B. in England