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Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Goals

I originally was taking vacation today to go on the local area shop hop. I decided not to do the shop hop (and save gas) and just go to the quilt show this weekend where all of the vendors were in one spot. I was planning on going on Sunday but we may get snow so I think I'll be going tomorrow instead. I may go into work after the show because I have a huge project going out next week. So I'll see how many emails I receive today.

So far this morning I finished another Patchwork Party block and put the final border on the top from Judy's Quilt-Along. (I'll post pictures later.)

My goals for the rest of the weekend:

  • Work on the other two Patchwork Party blocks.
  • Go to quilt show
  • Exercise - either walk outside or on treadmill
  • Read through class exercises and work on graded assignments
  • Go to work?
  • Go grocery shopping. Make scalloped potatoes and ham tomorrow. Yum!
  • Work on Rose Garden project
  • Dust
  • Get going away gift for my friend/co-worker - she's being permanently laid off and her husband lost his job in January.
Last night I (finally) watched Twilight the movie. I hate to say, I was pretty disappointed. I thought some of the vampire characters looked fake and almost "robotic". I didn't feel how much Bella and Edward loved each other. I guess I'll stick to the books. I'm not quite halfway through book 4, Breaking Dawn.

We also had a little excitement last night. Apparently the one goose flew into the dog kennel while they were outside. The boys had her pinned down and ripped a bunch of feathers off her back. Thankfully they didn't kill her or bite her, there was minimal blood, because hubby was pretty furious as it was. I understand why he'd be mad but they ARE dogs and they ARE animals and the goose was in THEIR kennel. Several years ago they got out of the kennel and killed a couple of our ducks....hubby was MAD. Hopefully the goose doesn't make that mistake again. Actually I'm still trying to figure how she got high enough to clear the fence because our geese are fat from eating all day. Usually they are lucky if they can get 2 feet off the ground.

OK time to get off the computer and get busy! Pictures coming later.

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Henrietta said...

No point in being mad, it is the nature of the beast, in fact given that she was trespassing and the size of your dogs goosey is lucky to be alive. I am amazed your dogs were so restrained. My Jack Russells work as a team and once something is grabbed they become deaf.

Furox (furacin spray) works great on most fowl.