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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patchwork Party Spring 09 Top

I'm so proud of myself. I have finished the Patchwork Party Spring '09 top before the party even finished!!! This is a first, since I have two from past years that weren't even started and one that has the blocks done but still needs the setting pieces finished. Although it still has to be quilted....wonder how long before that happens? LOL

This finishing kit was from Cabbage Rose Quilting & Gifts. I really liked the finishing kit at the Great American Quilt Factory but since I don't have a great track record with finishing applique projects, I opted for the finishing kit that I knew I'd actually finish. ;0)


Yvette said...

You are an animal! I can't believe you did that so fast.

I agree on the finishing kit. You got it done and it is gorgeous.

Pat said...

Way to go! finishing the 'party' ahead of time. Congrats on a beautiful quilt top!

Penny said...

I'm in love with that quilt!!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Hello there! I've joined the Patchwork Party 2009 too :o) Did find your blog by searching Google. Your quilt is so beautiful! Look forward to work more on the blocks. I finished the first six a little while ago, and have to continue with the rest:o)
have fun, and happy sewing,
Laila, Norway