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Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's the Weekend!!!

Things were a little slow at work this week so I decided to take vacation today and tomorrow. My goals for the next four days are working on Hot Cross blocks, transcribing and photoing more cemeteries for the local genealogy websites, and housecleaning (getting rid of old stuff).

I already cleaned up the kitchen on Tuesday night. Last night I started going through some of my clothes. Before I could get to some of the clothes I had to move the overflow fabric containers. There were also a couple bags of leftover batting pieces which reminds me I need to work on some smaller projects so I can use some of this up. I filled up three garbage size bags with old clothes. Plus three smaller bags full of craft paint from when I thought I could teach myself to paint. (I'll stick with quilting.) I dropped the bags off this morning before I had a chance to rethink any of the items. I also have a bag full of books for my niece.

OK, enough computer time, gotta get back to work!

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Jen said...

How did you get involved with photographing cemetaries? I'm assuming the headstones so when people search they can see it? I guess I'm curious because while I'm not a geneology buff, I am a photography buff. I know also that is how my aunt tracked down my great grandmother.