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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week #22 Stash Report

I'm slowly building my net used number back up. This week nothing came in. I started putting the Patchwork Party top together. I used 3.5 yards for the sashing, cornerstones and first two borders.

Here are my numbers to date:
  • Fabric Added: 0 yards
  • Fabric Added to Date: 81.50 yards
  • Fabric Used: 3.5 yards
  • Fabric Used to Date (goal 150): 92 yards
  • Net Used: 10.50 yards
My goals for the week are to finish the last border on Patchwork Party and start on the Hot Cross kit.

I forgot to post yesterday, but I ended up only doing the 3.1 mile run/walk (which was plenty). This run wasn't organized too good. Hubby said the mile markers were about 100 yards short (so he ended up only doing 5.7 miles according to his watch instead of the 6.2 miles). I saw one water station which apparently was the turn-around spot for the 3.1 miles but the kids never said anything and there were no signs so I ended up walking to the 2-mile marker before I turned around. We figure I ended up doing 3.8 miles in 48 minutes and 46 seconds. I got back just in time for the first rain drop. About 5 minutes after I finished the sky opened up and it was pouring! (Had I done the 6.2 miles, I would have gotten soaked.) I'm pretty happy with my finish. I ended up passing some teenage girls at the end which made me (the *slightly* older, out-of-shape lady ) feel good. My knees hurt a little yesterday, but I can still walk this morning so I'll keep training to slog for longer periods at a time. Maybe I'll be able to do 1-2 miles without walking by the end of the summer. ;0)


Yvette said...

Way to go, fellow slogger!

Pat said...

great job on finishing the race! and working the *numbers* down :)

Lori in South Dakota said...

Congratulations! Glad you didn't get wet. And your numbers are looking good too!