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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brewers Beat the Mets

I’ll start at the end of the day yesterday and go backwards.  Last night we went to the Brewers game.  It was the second game against the Mets.  We had originally planned on getting seats in the family section in front of the reporters, but it was sold out.  We upgraded (we are on vacation after all) and ended up 5 rows behind the visitor’s dugout.  Wish my camera would have been able to zoom in closer, but I can live with it.  The game started out bad with Burns giving up two runs (thanks to David Wright’s home run…not a fan of the Mets but he is some nice eye candy) in the 1st inning but then he settled in and didn’t give up another run.  Then things picked up when Braun got a double, but thanks to the Mets’ error, ended up scoring on the same play.

I was surprised there were quite a few Mets fans there.  Our “neighbors” were really cool.  One younger couple was from Chicago (Cubs fans…eewwww), but they were very nice and we chatted with them throughout the night.  On the other side were two guys from New York (Yankees fans) and we chatted with them a little bit too.  The type of seats we were in would have cost $750 at a Yankees game…WOWSERS! 

It would have been neat to see Trevor Hoffman come in and to hear Hells Bells blasting, but I was glad he didn’t need to come in.  The Brew Crew pulled it off and won 6-3.  Today they’ll be going for the sweep.

As for the rest of the day, in the morning hubby pressure washed the house while I cleaned up in the garage.  We ended up running out of time to work on priming more of the railing because we had to stop by the neighbors to figure out what we all needed for the party (we have a joint party since it’s her b’day on the 4th as well), then stopped by the wife of our friend who passed away earlier this year.  We’re taking her out for lunch today.  

On our “break” I finished Apple Cider Medallion BOM block #8 (who knew we were that far along, I thought we were only on #5…how time flies).  I am 3 blocks behind so this morning I started cutting out the another one.


Today it’s still cool (mid-60s) and cloudy.  Great weather to be doing stuff outside, but hubby is worried that “Water Ski Wednesday” with his friends will be cancelled.  Me too, because while he’s skiing with his buddies I plan on sewing.  But never fear, his sister said they’ll be going out tomorrow so there is still hope that he might get to ski this week.  And believe me, I’ll be remembering to wear (and reapply) my sunscreen. 

Time to get off the ‘puter and get something done before we leave for our lunch date.

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