Sunday, January 10, 2021

Weekly Update - 1/10/2021

This week's progress:


I was going to start on my Zodiac badge for the ESK Yarnathon, but I found a hat I had started January last year.  There were no instructions in the project bag, nor on Ravelry so I had to try and remember where I left off.  Then I remembered....I was using my iPad and Knit Companion. 

Pattern:  Beanie Lines
Yarn:  Malabrigo Rios, Colorway:  Liquid Ambar

Once I completed the hat, I immediately cast on another hat which I completed today.  This one counts towards the Zodiac badge where you need to knit 12 items from the same category.  

Pattern:  First Time for Everything Hat
Yarn:  Western Sky Knits Willow Worsted, Colorway: Heart of the Ocean

I managed to hold out for 10 days without buying any yarn.  I'll post a picture in next week's post.


I received the 2 jelly rolls of Deb Strain's new collection - Bee Grateful.

Paint By Numbers - Christmas Truck

No progress.  I did order a couple Christmas Gnome PBN kits which were half price.


I have sorted pieces and started piecing the outside of Playing in the Snow which I received as a Christmas gift.


I signed Mr. Bigmouth up for advanced obedience classes which will start in February.  We went walking in the woods by a friend.  The boys loved walking in the snow and sniffing all the animal tracks.  Thankfully we didn't run into any.

Face Lift

This weekend I painted the trailer that we gave a face lift to last weekend.

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